Investigation Procedures

The Investigation — What To Expect

Every investigation is different, and will need to be tailored to your specific needs. As a rule, your investigation will begin as soon as you submit a “Request An Investigation” application. You will be contacted by our case manager within 48 hours (if you aren’t, please resubmit, or e-mail the director). You may be asked for more information, after which a decision will be made between the case manager and the director about how we might best help you. Sometimes a problem can be solved via e-mails or a phone call. At other times, a face-to-face interview might be best. If we feel we may be able to help you, we’ll set up a time for a preliminary investigation.

Investigations are usually conducted at night for numerous reasons. No more than two adults may be present during an investigation, and one is better. Because of the sensitivity of our equipment, all children and pets must be out of the location during the investigation.

An investigation normally lasts from two to four hours. Afterwards, we will evaluate the collected data. Sometimes data may go through two or three different levels of examination, and can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to complete.

As soon as we’re satisfied with our analysis of the evidence, we will contact you with the results. Often, several investigations will be necessary before we begin to get a clear picture of what is going on. You are free to cancel an investigation, or the entire project, at any time. As always, there is absolutely no charge to you, no matter what decision you make during the process.

Our Expections Of You

Because there can be several causes for activity that may at first seem paranormal in nature, we will expect cooperation from you in eliminating as many of these factors as possible. One common example is old or sub-standard wiring, which can create above average electromagnetic fields (EMF). High EMF levels can extend throughout a building, or be contained within one room. (See our Articles Page, under News and Information, for more on EMF.) This is just one of many things that can be mistaken for paranormal activity.

Continuing an investigation without solving these naturally occurring causes are usually exercises in futility, as we are normally unable to reach a conclusive decision with these stimuli present. Fixing household problems is the responsibility of the building’s owner.

Collected evidence, although never posted or published without permission, is the property of The Paranormal Investigations Team of Utah.